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Tennis Racket

Tennis Facility Policies

QOSTC is extremely proud of our state-of-the-art tennis facility and especially of our new court surface! Upon entering the tennis facility you agree to abide by the QOSTC Rules and Regulations/Footwear Policy. Anyone not following this policy will forfeit their court time with no refund opportunity. Required by QOSTC management, staff, and members/patrons that want to keep our facility beautiful.

Tennis Facility Rules and Regulations

  • Please understand that all patrons are essentially paying for actual time on the court. Don't request additional time from the next group, "because we are almost done and need to play just a couple more points!" Time really is money for everyone! Likewise, please don't interrupt lessons unless you have a true emergency.

  • Arrive for your court time at the exact correct time and prepare to leave the court on time.

  • Extra court time utilized will be charged as "spot time" in 15-minute increments.

  • Non-players are not allowed on the court for any reason unless as part of a special club program or at the Professional Staff's discretion. Spectators, when in court, must abide by the Rules and Regulations/Footwear Policy.

  • Do not open air structure emergency doors unless it is a 911 emergency. In time, the structure will deflate and collapse (depending on the backup generator) causing severe damage to the facility.

  • Facility abuse or audible obscenities will result in court time forfeiture.

  • Please carry in your tennis shoes during set/snowy weather to prevent tracking in dirt and ice melt.

  • Proper tennis attire is required. No Jeans, swimsuits, etc.

  • Please turn cell phone ringers off or to the vibrate mode.


Consult the Tennis Professional Staff for any questions regarding tennis etiquette and club policies.

Examples of Misconduct

  • Wearing shoes other than tennis shoes.

  • Spiting and or mucus discharge/gum discarded anywhere other than the trash can.

  • Bringing an open container into the facility, ie. coffee cup, soda can, etc.

  • Tracking in mud or any excessive loose impediments.

Footwear Policy

Tennis Shoes Only on QOSTC Courts!

No other shoes including, but not limited to: cross-trainers, running, basketball, street or casual or other sports shoes will be allowed on the new courts! Surprisingly, many recreational players might believe that "sneakers" are actually tennis shoes - but they are not! All shoes listed above have soles that will scar and mark the new surface. Even if you have regularly played tennis in your cross-trainers (never a good idea because they have NO lateral movement support) please note that you will be unable to play in anything but regulation tennis shoes henceforward.

Examples of marking soled shoes that will not be allowed on our courts.


QOSTC Pro Shop (a Wilson and Tecnifibre Retailer) will offer in stock High-Performance Tennis Shoes for sale.

Refund/Credit Policy

If you cancel with more than 6 days notice* before the start of a program you are registered for you can choose:

- A refund of the amount paid minus 15%

- A credit of the full amount paid to your QOSTC account

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