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Tennis Racket

Court Rentals

​Quince Orchard Swim & Tennis club offers

  • Four cushioned courts are designed for maximum playing comfort, the wide separation between courts prevents interference with play, and on-court lighting is equal to the best you can find anywhere in the country!

  • Two totally re-furbished locker rooms with shower facilities allow you to end your play relaxed and refreshed.

  • During tournaments, lounge areas with observation galleries are available to offer you an ideal area to relax before or after your match and socialize with fellow club  members.

  • Professional lessons, both group and private, are offered by USPTA qualified and well-known instructors.

*Club will open at 7AM only if there are multiple advance reservations  

Tax: 7% Admissions & Amusement Tax is added to the court time fees

Spot Time Rental

Tennis Court Spot Time Rental

*Club will open at 7AM only if there are multiple advance reservations  

  • Spot Time Rental can be booked with payment up to 48 hours in advance.

  • Regardless of apparent availability, players are expected to vacate their court promptly after their scheduled time is over.

  • All players must wear Regulation Tennis Shoes only.

  • Players are permitted to bring up to six of their own tennis balls (per court). Alternatively, players may rent a QOSTC ball hopper for the duration of their spot time. For more information about rental fees, please contact the front desk.

Tennis Court Contract Time Rental

The Indoor Tennis Contract season begins on Sep 24th, 2023 and runs through May 7th, 2024. Contact Elena if you are interested in a long-term contract or if you would like to make advance reservations for special events.

Refunds: All deposits are non-refundable unless the time requested is not available.

Insurance: Insurance carriers either no longer provide property coverage for air domes or provide coverage that is cost-prohibitive. Consequently, in the unlikely event of a dome failure resulting in lost contract playing time, QOSTC reserves the right to extend the season 2 weeks beyond the May 7, 2024 closing date to account for any lost playing time, in lieu of cash returns.

Closures: QOSTC will make every effort to accommodate contracts losing time due to extended power outages, high winds, blizzard conditions, or closures due to any other conditions beyond the club’s control.

Temperature: During the winter months QOSTC maintains the temperature at approximately 60 degrees which, after a brief warm-up, is quite comfortable. This ideal playing temperature requires players to wear a light sweater/warm-up for approximately ten minutes after which most players prefer to play in short sleeves and shorts/skirts.

Safety Protocols: The covid-19 safety protocols instituted by the club at any given time, must be followed. The indoor tennis entrance is located on the lower level. The clubhouse is currently closed except for employees.

Contract Rentals

Court Time Special Offers

Serving a Tennis Ball
Weekday Afternoon Tennis

12:30PM-3:30PM on Monday thru Friday Only


Looking to get out for a little tennis post lunch? This option is for players looking to play mid-day between 12:30 and 3:30 p.m. on weekdays for $41.00 per hour.  (Max. 24  hours in advance court reservations).


Ball Machine

The Smash is great for upgrading your game.


  • Variable topspin and backspin

  • Holds 300 balls

  • 7 Position Programmable Electronic Direction with Programmable Sequence

  • Random

  • Variable Electronic Height

  • User-friendly Controller

  • Rear-mounted control box

  • 2 Function Remote Control

Ball machine rental is $10 an hour, in addition to the court rate.  Availability is not guaranteed. Request it at time of booking and the staff will reserve it for your use if possible.

Ball Machine
Tennis Practice

Meet our amazing staff and instructors.

We offer a variety of programs for all ages.

Woman serving tennis ball

We hold multiple classes throughout the day.

Make sure you know our facility rules and regulations before coming.

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