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Indoor Swimming Pool

Swim Programs

Swim instruction is offered for all ages and abilities. Most of our swim lessons are held in the 2' - 3' deep area of the pool where students can easily stand. Students spend their class time in the water -- not sitting on the side of the pool waiting for "their turn." Parents can sit at the tables on the pool deck and watch their child's swim lesson. We have Little Swimmers classes through Stroke Clinic and Pre-Team for advanced swimmers. We teach our students how to swim using a supportive, structured and FUN environment. Our instructors encourage students to try new skills as they gain self-confidence in the water. Our instructors are certified lifeguards and most of them have a minimum of 2 years of experience teaching swim lessons.

Sign up for our swim programs through Club Automation. Check out below the list of various swim classes we offer.

For questions about registration, please contact us at:

Group Lessons

Notice: Educational Swim Programs are currently set to begin June 2024. Information about the programs and registration will open May 6th, 2024.

Classes are broken up by age and ability. Our program has 5 levels--each level has specific skills students must accomplish before moving to the next level. Students also learn Safety Skills (ex. look before you leap) at every level. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion when they have completed the skills and are ready to advance to the next level.

Class Size and Length
Our classes have 4 - 6 students per instructor. We MUST have a minimum of 3 students to hold a class. Classes that don't have the required number of students may be cancelled, and students will be unenrolled/contacted about other options for taking the class on an alternate day or time.

Swim classes for Levels 1 - 4 meet for 30 minutes, Level 5 meets for 45 minutes and Stroke Clinics/Pre-Team meet for 1 hour.

***We no longer offer “member” prices for swim lessons.  It is a set price for members and non-members.

*Note: Level 5, Stroke Clinic, and Pre-team classes will not be offered during the Outdoor, Summer 2023 season.

Cute Toddler in Pool
Level 1 Lessons

Location: QOSTC

Ages: 3-5

Students: Children with little or no water experience who will not put their face in the water.  Students must be comfortable with an instructor.

Goal: Students will be comfortable in the water and putting their faces in the water, instructor assisted front and back floating, kicking, jumping, and turning.

Cute Toddler in Pool
Level 4 Lessons

Location: QOSTC

Ages: 5-8

Students: Children must be able to swim 5m freestyle taking at least 1 breath without stopping, 5m backstroke kick and tread water for 5 seconds.

Goal: Students will be able to swim freestyle with side breathing for 15m and backstroke for 10m, will learn the breaststroke kick and pull and tread water for 30 seconds.

Cute Toddler in Pool
Level 2 Lessons

Location: QOSTC

Ages: 3-5


Students: Non-swimmers who can comfortably put their face in the water but cannot get their feet off the pool bottom without help (kickboard).

Goal: Students will be able to fully submerge for 3 seconds, "swim" 2m with their face in the water, back float, and comfortably jump into shallow water unassisted.

Cute Toddler in Pool
Level 3 Lessons

Location: QOSTC

Ages: 4-7

Students: Children must be able to "swim" 2m on their stomach with their face in the water (unassisted) and back float without assistance.

Goal: Students will be able to swim 5m freestyle and backstroke kick, try to use freestyle side breathing, roll over while swimming, and tread water for 5 seconds.

Suggestions when Registering for Group Swim Lessons

  • Read the Class Descriptions to determine your child's swim level.

  • Students usually need to repeat a level a few times before they are proficient enough with the skills to advance to the next level.

  • Do not register your child for a class that is too advanced. Instructors teach the skills required for the scheduled level and cannot take time away from these students to teach different skills to a child who is in the wrong level.

  • If your child does not meet the level requirements at the first lesson, your child will be moved to another class if space is available and a $10 transfer fee will be assessed. If no space is available, your child will be withdrawn from the class and a pro-rated credit will be issued. No Refunds.

  • On the last day of class, instructors will issue Certificates of Completion to students who have successfully completed the skills required for their level.

  • Remember to check your schedule BEFORE registering for swim lessons. There is a $10 charge to change any of your class information once you have register.


Note: Ages are guidelines NOT absolute cut-offs. Children more than 2 years older than the guidelines need approval from the Aquatics Director to register for the class. Levels usually need to be repeated to complete the skills required for completion. You can ask your child's instructor what level what level to take.

Group Lessons

Private Instruction

Private lessons are a great way to ensure that your child receives personalized instruction. To schedule private/semi-private lessons, please email us here. Remember to include the days & times you are available to take lessons. Students taking semi-private lessons should be at approximately the same swim level. Swim lessons are not guaranteed, and can only be taught at both the instructor and pool availability.

Note: This means lessons after 4pm on weekdays will be exceedingly difficult to schedule, as instructors and pool availability is most limited. Contact your instructor directly at least 12 hours before any lesson you will miss to avoid being charged a cancellation fee.

Private Instruction

Wet Yet Water Fitness / Out of Water Yoga

Questions? Email Nancy at

Note: Participants are only allowed in the water during the time of their class, with their instructor. Participants are also required to acquire their own flotation belt.

Cute Toddler in Pool
Deep Water Workout

Location: QOSTC

Duration: 45 Minutes

A no impact but challenging cardiovascular workout held in the diving well of the pool. Participants use *flotation belts to stay afloat. Burn calories and tone muscles in this fun class!

Cute Toddler in Pool
Shallow Water Workout

Location: QOSTC

Duration: 45 Minutes

Classes are held in shallow (chest-deep) water. Designed to improve flexibility, range of motion, and cardiovascular endurance. No swimming skills needed.

Cute Toddler in Pool
Shallow Water Walking

Location: QOSTC

Duration: 45 Minutes

A Gentle cardiovascular class where different gaits and strides are practiced in the heated water

Water Exercise
Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard Training and CPR (American Red Cross Certification)

For more information on upcoming classes, visit Swim 1st LLC. or contact Carlos De la Carrera at 

Administrative Policies and Procedures
The American Red Cross requires 6-10 students for a class to run.  We should receive your registration form and payment at least one week prior to the class starting date.  If there are not enough students registered and paid by this time, we will notify you and refund the class fee.

1. Swim 300 meters (non-stop, not timed)

Any combination of freestyle and/or breaststroke.

2. Tread water for 2 minutes using legs only

3. Swim 20 meters, pick up a 10 lb. brick from a depth of 7 - 10 feet, swim back to the starting point with both hands on the brick, and exit the pool without using a Ladder.

CANCELLATION- Because classes have a minimum student requirements, 7 days notice is required for participant cancellation to receive a full refund.- With 4-6 days notice, a student will receive a refund minus a $50.00 administrative fee.- Students who do not give at least three days notice will forfeit their payment.- If a student becomes ill and is unable to complete the course, a class credit will be issued and must be used within 3 months of the issue date.- If a student is unable to complete the pre-course requirements, the student can either continue with the program and re-attempt the pre-course before the last day of class, or receive a refund minus a $50.00 pre-course/administrative fee. Note: If a student chooses to continue with the course and is unable to complete the pre-course, no refund will be offered.

Note: Training classes may be held at Quince Orchard Swim & Tennis Club, or other facilities. Check with your instructor to verify your location.

Our classes are taught by experienced instructors.

Swimming Trainer with Students

We hold multiple classes throughout the day.

Returning Jan 2024

Make sure you know our facility rules and regulations before coming.

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