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Newsletter: July Week 1

(QO Otters Swim Meet in Progress, taken by Elena Gonzaga)

Update on Improvements to the Facility!

Considering the fact that the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center is only one full month into ownership of Quince Orchard Swim & Tennis Club, there have been many noticeable improvements to the property, equipment, and services that we provide. Not all of the improvements are major, however, they are all highly beneficial to the infrastructure and amenities that our facility offers its customers. For example, CCACC management has replaced our old and tattered QOSTC flag with a brand new one. While not everyone may notice a simple change like a flag, you may find lots of new amenities within our main clubhouse! Firstly, both the main floor and upstairs staff lounge feature a massive 60+ inch flat-screen TV, for members or athletes who are looking to take a break and watch some tennis channel programs. Additionally, both the mens and womens locker rooms now include an automatic swimsuit dryer for those who would rather leave the facility dry. There have also been several outdoor sheds added to the tennis courts to store our miscellaneous tennis equipment all year-round. Last but not least, we are getting very close to the arrival of two brand new vending machines for our facility. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled next time you’re walking around the property!

QOSTC’s Fourth of July Festivities!

Although we were not able to provide a firework spectacle for our members, the aquatics staff took it upon themselves to bring their own Fourth of July celebration to the pool! Besides the traditional red, white, and blue decorations, there were also piñatas and a raft relay-race for the kids to enjoy. We were very fortunate to have beautiful sunny skies and minimal precipitation during the holiday weekend, and we greatly appreciate all of those who were involved with the festivities. We would also like to give a special thank you to the El Paso Food Truck for making a reappearance during the past weekend. Throughout the day, Nadir and Roberto served fresh, authentic Mexican and Salvadorian food to our patrons. To be notified of the next time we hold an event or invite a food truck to our facility, make sure you are following QOSTC on Instagram (@qostc) and Facebook. There is only ONE WEEK LEFT of our Instagram giveaway, so make sure you enter for a chance to win a plethora of prizes!

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